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Construction Attachments for the Skid Steer Loader
By: Dave Cole

One of the most important and most often used pieces of equipment
used in the construction industry is the skid steer loader; also
know as the skid loader. A skid steer loader is designed to move
heavy weights of material in limited spaces, and can be used with
myriad attachments to essentially create multiple specialized
tools, many powered by the machine's hydraulics.

In the construction industry skid loaders are used for purposes
from digging and laying a building's foundation to moving
construction and roofing materials on call right to the worker
who needs them, to lifting the workers up to their work spot.

Here is a list of attachments for the Skid Steer Loader used in

- Augers
- Backhoes
- Brooms
- Buckets

- Cold Planers
- Compactors
- Concrete Hauler
- Concrete Remover
- Cranes

- Forks
- Fork Lift
- Grader Box
- Grading Rake

- Mini-Backhoe
- Mixers
- Mower

- Planers
- Post Driver
- Post Hole Digger
- Post Puller
- Power Rakes
- Rock Saw
- Rotary Cutter

- Slot Cutter
- Soil Preparation
- Stabilizers
- Sweepers

- Tilt Attach
- Tooth Bar
- Tracks
- Trench Pavers
- Trenchers

- Universal Mounting Plate
- Vibratory Plates
- Vibratory Roller
- Water Kit

Look for detailed descriptions of the tools listed above
in further articles.

Caterpillar 216B Skid Steer Loader Loading Sandstone

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