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Agricultural Attachments for the Skid Steer Loader
By: Dave Cole

A skid loader, or skid steer, is a greatly versatile machine
designed to move things from one place to another. Skid Steer
Loaders are manufactured in different sizes and powers, and
probably hundreds of attachments have been invented to make the
skid loader with a particular attachment into a specialized
machine that helps in industries from agriculture to

The skid loader is a front loading piece of heavy machinery that
uses differential 'skid' steering and usually has the engine and
a counter weight behind the operator. This design makes it
smaller, lighter and more maneuverable than a conventional
tractor-based front loader with a similar load capacity. Most
skid loaders have four wheels but some have a pair of permanently
mounted tracks.

We will be describing many of the most popular attachments for
the skid loader in other articles, but below is a brief list of
most of the skid steer attachments designed for the Agricultural

Here is a list of Skid Steer Loader Attachments used in the
Agricultural Industry today:

- Auger
- Bale Movers
- Buckets
- Forks
- Mini-Backhoe
- Mower

- Post Driver
- Post Hole Digger
- Rock Picker
- Rotary Cutter
- 3-Point Adapter

- Tiller
- Tilt Attach
- Tooth Bar
- Tracks
- Trenchers
- Universal Mounting Plate

Look for detailed descriptions of the tools listed above
in further articles.

Caterpillar 287B Track Steer Loader with Bale Mover Forks

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