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The Charismatic Reciprocating Saw
By: The Working Man

The Reciprocating Saw is one of the handiest tools in the working
man's arsenal. You may also know the reciprocal saw as a recipro
saw, oscillating saw, Sabre Saw or by the brand name Sawzall.

Reciprocal saws are often electric or battery powered, and these
saws are available in a number of sizes and power levels, from
lightweight cordless versions about the size of an electric drill
for the homeowner's toolbox to large powerful models used in the
construction and demolition trades.

One of the chief benefits of the reciprocal saw compared to the
jigsaw is that reciprocal saws are designed to be easily used in
a vertical position, making them very flexibly useful.

A recipro saw has a replaceable blade similar to but larger than
a jigsaw blade and a foot at the blade base that rests against
the surface that is being cut for added stability. The blade then
can be set to simply saw up and down, or if the saw's design
included an orbital setting the blade will move both up and down
and around in an oval, which facilitates the cutting of wood. The
name Sabre Saw comes from the saw's appearance, with its long
blade and foot that looks like the hilt of a sabre sword.

Construction workers, carpenters, and general handymen use
reciprocal saws to cut holes in drywall or plaster for wiring and
plumbing, to cut metal and PVC pipes, and even to cut off nails.
Reciprocal saws are great for times when cutting needs to be done
from underneath or in other awkward positions, as the narrow
handle and blade can fit into and work effectively in smaller
areas than most other types of saws.

If you will be purchasing a reciprocal saw for use in your
professional shop or as a part of your occupational toolbox, you
should buy one of the top brands so that you will get a sturdier
saw with a longer lifespan.

Some well recommended brands include Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt,
and Bosch. These manufacturers cater to the professional working
man and you will reap the benefits of their constant research and
technological advances. You may also find that their design is
more ergonomic and cause you less fatigue over the work day.

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