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T-Shirts they put on to go to work everyday
By: The Working Man

In some cases your shirt will be supplied to you by your job site
or company. In other cases you will be expect to buy your own. But also
maintain your job's standards for work wear. When you must buy
your own work wear you have a wide range of styles, fabrics and
colors from which to choose.

If your work shirts are provided by your employer, you may be expected
to wear your own clothing to the job site and then change into
the company's uniform, keeping the shirt on site so that they can
launder the shirt for you. But in most cases of employer-provided
clothing you will be provided the shirt and then expect to clean
and care for it yourself. The first few shirts will be free, for
any others you may have to pay a deposit or purchase outright. If
you have to pay a deposit you may be able to return the shirt for
your deposit back provided it isn't too worn or damaged.

If buying your own shirts you have more flexibility in choosing a
shirt that you like and may even wear when not on the job site.
But often you may be expected to get a certain color of shirt.
You can however usually choose style, fabric and cut of your t-

T-shirts come in a wide range of styles including: crew, v-neck,
Henley, pocket tee, and more. Colors of course are of more
choices than the rainbow. The most important thing to realize is
that you may want to upgrade from a thin cotton t-shirt to a more
expensive fabric if you are working in certain jobs.

For example, if you are working at a job that requires you to do
a lot of bending, lifting, going up and down ladders, going into
narrow places then you may want to get a tighter weave shirt that
is made from thicker fabric to prevent lose of shape and tearing
as you work.

If you are on a job where the temperatures are very hot you may
want a technical fabric that wicks away your perspiration so that
you can be cooler. If you are in doubt about a particular shirt
you like for your job you can always ask your manager if it is
approved as work wear for your job. Never assume a particular
piece of work wear is okay for your job until you check with your

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