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You might not think it, but there are special shirts that can
help you on the job site. Not only do shirts designed to be work
wear identify you as part of the crew. Also, they will stand up to a
lot of the stresses that happen to your clothing on a job site.
Work wear and uniform shirts are available in a range of colors,
styles, weights and types.

In some cases these shirts will be provided for you from your
employer and you must simply wear what they provide. But most
often in construction jobs you are required to buy and wear your
own appropriate clothing for the job. In that case you need
heavy-duty, tough work wear shirts that will protect you from the
harshest conditions on your job site.

Most work shirts are made from thick, heavy fabric that resists
stains and tearing. They are reinforced along the seams with
extra stitching and may even have rivets at stress points. Work
wear shirts are made to withstand any extraordinary conditions
that you might face.

Most work shirts are made from soft, thick cotton that breathes,
to allow your body's perspiration out and air in to cool you.
Work conditions are often hot, hard and stressful, which can put
a lot of pressure on your body and you need to be able to cool
down, cotton allows for that.

Work wear shirts can come literally in any color. Most often you
can choose from a wide range depending on the style and company
you go with. You should look at several different work wear
company brands once you narrow the shirt choice down to a
particular style, to be sure that your choice will suit you in
the working days ahead.

Work shirts can be purchased in very light weight material for
when you need to stay cool and extra heavy weight fabric for the
cold winter days. You should choose your work shirts based on the
conditions at the job site, and then by style then by color.

You can get a work shirt in many styles including crews, button-
down, short sleeve, long sleeve, Henley, snaps, polo, oxford, t-
shirt, knit, thermal, twill, uniform, pocket t-shirt, etc.
Remember to check with your employer to see what types of shirt
would be preferred on that particular job. Some companies require
you wear particular styles or colors even if they don't provide
your work wear.

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