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How to Prepare for a Career as a Heavy Equipment Operator
By: The Working Man

Some heavy equipment operators specialize in one particular piece
of heavy equipment, others try to have general working knowledge
of as many machines as are used on a job site.

In either event, unless you are very lucky and are allowed by
your employer to train on the job, you will need to go to a
school and do coursework as well as driving training to gain the
skills and technical abilities you need to operate heavy

You will also learn to maintain, repair and service your heavy
machinery at these specialized schools. After you pass your
certification test and get a license you can then apply for any
job that requires heavy equipment training.

You will also need to know:

* Traffic laws in your state pertaining to heavy equipment

* Safety precautions that you must take while operating heavy
equipment, and hazards that may occur while operating machinery

* The ability to learn and seek knowledge of your profession is
also a requirement as there are constantly changing rules,
regulations, operation and equipment to learn.

* Working well with others is needed because not only are you
responsible for the heavy equipment you operate but you are
required to look out for other people and anticipate their
movements so that no one gets injured by your machine.

Operator's Control Panel for a Caterpillar D10R Bulldozer

Your job will require that you not only operate heavy machinery
but make sure that all the heavy machinery on the job site is
well maintained and in good working order. Should any problem
with the heavy machinery arise you should report it to your
supervisor immediately.

In order to get a better job you may consider doing an
apprenticeship through the International Union of Operating
Engineers and The Associated General Contractors of America that
will give you extensive training on heavy machinery and handling
all kinds of different sophisticated machines.

This career is challenging, but if you love machinery, like
working outdoors, and if you can perform under exacting harsh
conditions for long hours and still maintain precision and
ability to perform your job, these skills along with some formal
schooling can make heavy equipment operator the job for you.

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