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Are You Cut Out to Be A Heavy Equipment Operator?
By: The Working Man

Heavy Equipment (HE) is considered to be forklifts, bulldozers,
dump trucks, cranes, excavators, etc. that are heavy and whose
drivers require specialized training to operate them. Heavy
Equipment operators must not only be able to operate several
different types of heavy equipment but they must also be able to
repair, service and maintain the equipment.

Here are some characteristics of a good heavy equipment operator:

Physical Ability

To become a heavy equipment operator you must be able to control
and operate levers, turn dials, work pedals, control different
types of gears and operate hydraulic controls. Judging distances
and being able to lift heavy weights is also required for this

Part of your job will include working long hours under great
strain while operating the heavy equipment, for example, when
excavating a road with an excavator and operate mining equipment.
You will likely be exposed to extreme heat for long hours so if
you have a problem with blood pressure you may want to think
twice about becoming a heavy equipment operator.


You will need to have a high school diploma or possibly a GED,
along with a Commercial Drivers License to operate heavy
machinery. Experience in machinery and truck driving will help
you if you want a career operating heavy machinery.

The state that you operate in may require more specialized
licenses to operate some heavy machinery. Getting specialized
degrees from colleges and or vocational schools will give you an
edge for the best jobs over other heavy machine operators.

Due to the ever increasing demand for heavy equipment operators,
special vocation schools and training courses have opened up to
provide the necessary training for today's heavy equipment
operators. These schools are frequently taught by very
experienced heavy equipment operators and are well worth your

Many HE jobs now require licensing and certification, and such
schools will greatly increase your chances of finding a good job
in this career.

See the article called "How to Prepare for a Career as a Heavy
Equipment Operator
" for more information about how to get the
right training for this job.

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