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By: The Working Man

Michelin is a well respected company that is generally believed
to produce top quality tires for most vehicles. They also offer
other products that are probably not as widely known, but they
are also quality products and are good value.

The Michelin Company offers the following products:

Internationally, Michelin produces tires for virtually every
category of the tire market.

In North America, Michelin offers:

Passenger and light-duty truck tires
Heavy truck tires
Recreational vehicle tires
Earthmover tires
Agriculture tires
Aircraft tires
Bicycle tires

Michelin makes the tires for this Huge Caterpillar 793B Rock Truck

They also offer safety gear and personal protective equipment.

The Michelin Company "works to be socially responsible as well as
conscious of today's need for better products with increased
protection and fuel efficiency." Their manufacturing plants are
environmentally friendly and green conscious. Michelin is an
international company that has been in operation for over one
hundred years.

They have a mission statement to which all employees from the top
to the bottom are expected to adhere, which is:

"To make a sustainable contribution to progress in the mobility
of people and goods by constantly enhancing freedom of movement,
safety, efficiency, and pleasure when on the move."

"We have one profession and one mission: contribute to long-term
progress in the field of mobility."

- Édouard Michelin, 2002

The employees are also expected to develop a set of values that go
along with their mission and they are:

- To support the Michelin Mission
- Respect Customers
- Respect People
- Respect Shareholders
- Respect Environment
- Respect Facts

Along with their efforts at becoming a more socially conscious
company Michelin is one of the better companies out there for
respecting the environment and recycling.

Tires for huge machines like the rock trucks shown can cost
upwards of $40,000 per tire. On these huge 240 ton rock trucks
tires typically last about 9,000 hours and with a rock truck
running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a rock truck needs
new tires about once a year. At 6 tires per truck that's
close to a half a million dollars per truck, per year!

In order to help save mining companies dollars, Michelin
has teamed up with several of them and developed new technology
which helps prolong tire life. Michelin's Earthmover
Management System has a tag that is attached to the interior
of each tire along with a computer read out in the cab
of each truck. The tags measure tire pressure and
tire temperature inside the tire. A hand held device
allows a mechanic to check the tire pressure and
temperatures without having to stop the trucks.

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