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Work Clothing Manufacturers - Makita
By: The Working Man

Makita work wear is brought to the working men and women by
Dickies. Whereas the regular Dickies brand is tough and durable,
they went a step beyond their regular products and developed
Makita. Makita is for the working professional rather than for
everyday wear and is designed to be very tough for the people who
need really tough gear.

Dickies Makita is designed with oil workers in mind and can stand
up to extreme conditions like wild weather, heavy work and debris

The Makita foot wear is designed with steel toes and there are
special socks that go with the shoes in order to make the steel
toe shoe more comfortable to wear. They are also designed with
Steel midsoles. These are exceptionally tough working
professional shoes that will protect your feet through any

They also make Makita hats that are tough and will protect your
head from dangerous sun damage. One is designed with a safety
bump to protect from light falling debris. Mainly they are to
protect your head and ears from elemental damage.

They also have a line of pants, shorts and coveralls. Some pants
have knee pads worked directly into the pants. They also
manufacture a rain suit for when you have to work through the

Makita body wear offers t-shirts, vests, jackets, high visibility
jackets, shirts, body warmers and fleece, to cover a wide range
of needs. They are all exceptionally made for the working
professional and are tested before they are sold.

Dickies work wear is made to last and perform as promised. It is
made from experience and has been tested in the world's major
construction sites. The company has gained a reputation for
performance, quality and value, and we can recommend their
products personally.

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