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Protecting Your Skin: What Should You Wear?
By: The Working Man

Disposable Protective Clothing consists of paper composite,
Polypropylene and Tyvek polyethylene can be made from recycled
material clothing. These typically are worn over your
work/street clothing while you do the hazardous work and removed
promptly and carefully once you are finished and in a safe area.

Here is a list of types of Body or Skin PPE (Personal Protective

- Disposable Protective Clothing

- Disposable Rubber/Vinyl/Latex Gloves

- Tyvek

- Cotton/Polyester Lab Coats or Vests

- Work Clothing

- Vinyl/Rubber Aprons

- Vinyl/Rubber Sleeves

- Nomex Lab Coats

- Face Shields

Paper composite is a thick paper fabric that comes in many types
and colors and is commonly used in conditions in which you may be
exposed to limited amounts of biological waste. Paper composite
is completely inappropriate for chemical exposures.

Polypropylene clothing also comes in a variety of types and
colors and keeps you free from grime, dust, dirt and other non-
hazardous materials as well. Polypropylene clothing is also
usually made of spun-bonded breathable material to keep you cool.

Tyvek® protective clothing comes in many types: smocks, aprons,
lab coats, coveralls, shoe covers and sleeve covers.

These are just a few hazardous work situations that require this

- Painting, spray painting - General maintenance - Lead or
asbestos abatement - Mold remediation - Dry chemical applications
- Pesticide/herbicide spraying - Radioactive dust - Construction
- Automotive - Fiberglass - Agriculture - Food processing -
Environmental clean-up - Abrasive blasting - Modesty garments -
Forensics - Woodworking - Mining - Cross-contamination prevention

Tyvek® clothing made from polyethylene that is one hundred
percent density is a single layer of fabric. HDPE makes Tyvek® it
is very resistant to dust, blood borne pathogens, aerosols, paint
and more.

Tyvek® protective clothing is resistant to tearing and punctures
and is tough enough to reuse but inexpensive enough to throw away
when it is time.

Tyvek® fabric breathes. It will allow sweat and heat to pass
through the material but not water or other chemical or
biological material. You can feel safe wearing this fabric.

Clothing made from Tyvek® can be worn over your street or work
clothing for protection against low hazard liquids and solids,
but such clothing will not provide complete protection against
hazardous liquids.

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