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Types of Skin Protective Equipment -
Hand Protection -Disposable Gloves

By: The Working Man

Disposable gloves are available in different levels of protection
and different materials. In most cases your employer will give
you the gloves needed for the job, but you may need to provide
your own. Keep in mind that disposable gloves will not protect
you against puncture unless the manufactures sells them and
puncture protective gloves.

Here is a list of types of disposable gloves:

- Latex

- Poly

- Proderma

- Flex Vinyl

- Nitrile

- Black Nitrile

- Nitrile Plus

- High Risk Safety

- Ultra High Risk

Disposable gloves (single use) are suitable for all types of
cleaning jobs in commercial offices, businesses, hotels and
motels. Disposable gloves are also useful for light and heavy
jobs at home such as painting, cleaning, kitchen work, gardening,
baby care, etc. In any work that doesn't involve highly toxic
materials disposable gloves can help protect your hands from
dirt, dust, paint, grease, and other substances.

Disposable gloves are used in manufacturing industries for jobs
working with oils, degreasers, solvents, adhesives, cement,
metalworking fluids and similar chemicals.

When working with light mechanical parts, disposable gloves will
protect your hands from dirt and light grease. Nitrile disposable
gloves are also recommended for light mechanical jobs and can
protect from a variety of splashed oils, solvents, chemicals, and

It is recommended that if you work in the agriculture business,
specifically with dairy cows, that you use UniSeal® disposable
gloves that are manufactured in accordance with FDA
specifications, U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA)
guidelines, and the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA).

These gloves are safe in all USDA and Animal and Plant Health
Inspection Service (APHIS) inspected establishments such as for
milking procedures on U.S. dairy operations (i.e. Milker's

It is important to select the right type of disposable glove for
each type of use. If you wear the wrong type of gloves and they
are punctured or worn through you have lost the protection they

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