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Jobs in the Demolition Industry
By: The Working Man

If you choose a career in demolition you may be involved in
demolishing or deconstructing anything from small homes to
factories to bridges to high-rise buildings, and using tools that
range from hammers, crowbars and oxyacetylene torches to skid
loaders, cranes and wrecking balls.

As a demolition worker you may do work that requires blasting
with explosives and operating large heavy equipment, or you may
do primarily hand labor, depending on the contractor you work for
(or become) and the specialization you choose.

Heavy equipment operators are called Operating Engineers, and may
work for wrecking contractors or general contractors who also
build bridges, roads and dams. Hand workers may work with
blasting contractors, general contractors, or any of the
demolition specializations.

A demolition method that is increasing in use is called
deconstruction. In deconstruction the building is taken apart
carefully in order to preserve as much of the original materials
as possible for reuse.

A deconstruction contractor works with very precise equipment and
tools that can, for example, remove flooring and woodwork without
damaging the boards and wooden pieces. If this type of demolition
appeals to you, you will be entering a growing field that
requires more specialization and as a consequence you may be able
to earn higher wages than those in other types of demolition.

Opportunities for Advancement

If a worker wants to advance, he can get further training and
move up to be an Operating Engineer. Operating Engineers, who
operate the heavy equipment used by demolition contractors, can
then acquire still more training and skill and become Crane
Operators, Supervisors, or Field Superintendents.

If your interest is in being a blaster, you can advance by
learning your skill more and more and handling larger and more
varied jobs, so commanding higher pay. Many ambitious demolition
workers have gone on to run their own demolition contracting

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