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The Bosch Group supplies services and technology all over the
world. They provide industrial and automotive technology,
building technology, consumer goods, and have two hundred
seventy-two thousand associates that generated more than sixty-
three billion dollars in 2007.

In the United States the Bosch group has been in operation since
1906 and started in 1886. The founder, Robert Bosch, developed a
magneto ignition switch that he believed would revolutionize
automobiles and he was right. The product was a resounding

Since then Bosch has continued to be an innovator with quality
products and services. They have tried to stay on the cutting
edge of leading technologies and to maintain value at the same
time. So although time marches on the Bosch Company tries to be
honest and solid while being on the leading edge of technology
like the founder of the company was in his day.

Bosch mainly manufactures and sells automotive technology
products, and its largest sector for the automotive industry is
found in North America. The company employs sixteen thousand
three hundred employees in North America, in thirty different

The company's non-automotive products have also become trusted in
commercial and residential buildings in North America. These
products include security systems, power tools, home appliances
and thermo technology.

Bosch also offers clothing with their logo, and other items that
can be used in trade shows. You can go to their web site and
often they have deals and promotions on different Bosch products.
They also do trade shows to let people know what they offer and
where they are going with their product line.

Bosch is a good company that has been around for a long time.
Their products are usually good quality, sturdy products that
last long. In short, they are an international supplier and most
of their customers seem to believe that they have great value for
the price.

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