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By: The Working Man

Timberland Company was started by Nathan Swartz who joined
Abington Shoe Company in 1952 and learned the craft of shoe
making. Swartz started experimenting with ways to make shoes
better. Three years later Nathan Swartz became the owner of
Abington Shoe Company and his two sons joined him in the
business. Ten years later the Swartz family made the first
waterproof footwear using injection molding.

Later, in 1973, the Timberland boot came on the market and
revolutionized the idea of rugged boots. Five years later the
company was renamed to The Timberland Company and started
expanding their product line to include hand sewn casual shoes.
In 1985 Timberland went international and starts selling to the
Far East and Europe.

Since then Timberland has constantly been expanding their product line
and market in order to bring rugged, durable, clothing to men and
women all over the world. There mission is stated as to "equip
people to make a difference in their world."

Timberland has been an example to other companies of constantly
innovative in coming up with clothing, gear and shoes that can
wear comfortably and the can stand up to a lot of damage.
Timberland has also made strides to become more "eco-friendly"
and "socially-responsible" towards the earth and the people on

Timberland's idea of expanding their product line by making
equipment, clothing and shoes to help people make a difference in
the world has lead to some interesting product lines such as:

Timberland: Outdoor-tested, environmentally conscious and rugged
shoes for men, women and children.

Timberland PRO: Gear for the working person. This is a line
dedicated to the craftsperson. These are simple, long-lasting,
functional clothing that is made in an environmentally friendly

howies: clothes and gear made with the environmentally conscious
in mind.

iPath: This line of clothing and accessories is for the
skateboarder. It is casual apparel, footwear and accessories.

Smartwool: This is clothing, socks and accessories made from
wool, and is the leading performance brand of clothing and

Timberland has been essentially in operation since 1952 and has
remained one of the top manufacturers of rugged outdoor and
professional apparel, footwear and gear for professional working
men and women.

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