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Snow Removal Attachments for the Skid Steer Loader
By: Dave Cole

Skid steer loaders are among the most versatile tools used by the
snow removal industry. There are several sized and weights of
skid loaders depending on the size of your snow removal jobs, you
can choose wheeled or track driven, and there are also many
different attachments from plows to boxes for hauling the snow,
to arms for removing fallen limbs and other debris that can turn
your skid steer loader machine into essentially a different tool
for a particular specialized job.

Many skid loader attachments such as angle brooms or plow blades
can be rented when you need them, reducing the cost of getting
the job done. It is important to have the proper work tools in
order to reduce the time it takes workers to remove snow and so
increase productivity. A skid steer loader may be your best tool
for efficient snow removal, and the right attachment can make the
job much easier and more productive.

Here is a list of attachments for the Skid Steer Loader used for
Snow Removal:

- Blades
- Buckets
- Snow Blowers
- Snow Plow
- Spreaders
- U-Blade

Caterpillar 287B Skid Steer Loader

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