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Plant Nursery Attachments for the Skid Steer Loader
By: Dave Cole

The skid steer loader is a very versatile machine that is able to
help nursery workers do many different tasks with much less
effort and much more quickly. A skid loader is capable of doing
zero radius turns in either direction depending on speed and
direction of the wheels, so it is perfect for heavy work in a
garden or greenhouse where other tractor-type machines could not

This machine also has available (You can purchase or rent them.)
many specialized attachments that can be basically snapped on and
off as needed, essentially giving you multiple machines in one.
For example, nursery workers can use a skid loader with
attachments to clear land, till the soil, spread topsoil and
fertilizer, carry the new plants, dig holes for them, and carry
them to the sales floor when ready.

Here is a list of attachments for the Skid Steer Loader used in
Plant Nurseries:

- Augers
- Brush Cutters
- Forks
- Fork Lift
- Mower
- Nursery Jaws
- Post Hole Digger
- Post Puller
- Rotary Cutter
- Stabilizers
- Stump Grinders
- Tiller
- Tilt Attach
- Tooth Bar
- Tracks
- Tree Shears
- Tree Spade
- Trenchers
- Universal Mounting Plate

Caterpillar 287B Skid Steer Loader with Forks

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