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Prevent getting lost with Security Markers for Miners
By: The Working Man

Security Marker for miners is a type of paint that fluoresces
under black light. It is very important to miners to help them to
be able to find their way through labyrinth-like tunnels. Getting
lost without food and water and the ability to find their way
back topside has been the death of a lot of miners. Getting cut
off from your coworkers and wandering in the dark is one of the
most terrifying things that can happen to a miner.

Fluorescent marking paint comes in a convenient aerosol spray and
come in a variety of colors. So each person on the team can carry
different color paint. If one is lost or runs into any other
problem they can paint a symbol or line on the mine walls to tell
coworkers or rescuers where they went.

Fluorescent marking paint is not only valuable for keeping track
of your coworkers and yourself it is also handy for marking lines
of minerals that have potential, paths that might need further
scouting and exploration or even dangerous pitfalls that the next
person should watch out for.

Carrying two different color of fluorescent marking paint is
ideal; then you can paint one for your path and another for
marking mineral lines or dangers. In some cases people carry more
than two.

In order to see the fluorescent marking paint you will need a
black light. This highlights and picks up the fluorescent marking
paint. Otherwise it would be hard to see with just an ordinary
head lamp.

Always keep something on you to mark your path when you are
underground. It could be as simple as string. The fluorescent
marking paint is not waterproof and you should find an
alternative should you go in a mine with a lot of water.

Also always keep water and some snack bars on you should you get
lost in the long dark. Keep in mind that you should stay calm and
stay put if you get lost. On most job sites there is a check to
make sure that everyone is top side before people can leave. This
is for your safety and that of anyone else that might become
trapped underground.

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