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How to Find Heavy Equipment Jobs on the Internet
By: Dave Cole

It's easy to find heavy equipment jobs on the Internet. The
browsers like Yahoo, Google and others will do most of the work
for you. All you have to do is type in something like heavy
equipment jobs and a whole host of results come back at you on
the subject. You can search a lot of subjects about heavy
machinery operation on the Internet including specialized
training, licensing and certification.

If you are willing to move anywhere in the United States you can
probably get a job that pays very well. Many jobs, even just
repairing heavy equipment, command anywhere between $39,000 and
$70,000 per year depending upon your skills and experience.

Such a position would probably require these skill sets:

- Repair of Hydraulic Systems
- Ability to Repair Fuel Injection Systems
- Inspection of Machinery
- Clean and Test Machine Parts
- Repair Power Shift Transmissions
- And the like

You can find jobs outside of the construction business that need
heavy machinery operators, for instance from the mining industry,
gas industry, oil industry and others. You can also find work
repairing subways and railways.

You often can send an online job application through email or a
service that lists job openings.

Cat D6L & Cat 330 Excavator Pushing Dirt


Here is a sample of the information you may be expected to supply
should you want to send an online application to jobs listed on
the Internet:

Contact Information: Full Name, Address, Email Address, Phone,
Last Two Employers and Contact Information for the Employers, Job
Titles, Salary/Pay Per Hour, References.

Educational Information: Schooling and Licenses

Length of Experience:

Types of Experience: i.e. repairing and maintaining equipment,
following blueprints and written instructions, and any details of
actual job experience you have had.

Expected Salary: per year or per hour.

Full or Part Time

Languages You Know

There is also a high demand for people who are willing to
supervise or manage personnel on heavy equipment and job sites.
(A lot of work experience and knowledge of equipment is required
for such positions.)

Web sites like, yahoo jobs, and that
list jobs that you can apply for. You can also post that you are
looking for work and post your resume online for potential
employers to look at and contact you.

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