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Career Prospects for Heavy Equipment Operators
By: Dave Cole

If since you were a child you have always wanted to drive a big
construction truck or other heavy equipment and you still are
fascinated by them, then you should look into becoming a heavy
equipment operator. That way you will not only get to live your
dream but also can earn a lot of money since the demand for heavy
equipment operators, at least in the United States, has increased
over the last few years.

In order to become a heavy equipment operator you will have to be
certified through taking a course such as are offered by schools
and colleges throughout the United States. The training will
teach you theoretical and practical training covering these

- Safety Procedures
- Operation of Heavy Equipment
- Maintenance of Heavy Equipment
- Attachments and Installation of Attachments
- Basic Fundamentals
- Advanced Technicalities
- Repair of Heavy Equipment

You may be expected to learn some other classes along with
the training like:

- Engineering
- Applied Math
- Safety and Volume Computations

Caterpillar D6L Dozer and Caterpillar 330 Excavator


Once you pass your certification exam you will be then given a
license that makes you legally able to operate these heavy
machines in the construction and maintenance fields:

- Bull Dozers
- Backhoes
- Trackhoes
- Scrapers
- Graders
- Loaders
- Fronthoes
- Excavators
- Etc.

Once you get your certification, depending on the school you go
to, some may have job placement assistance and others may not.
There are plenty of jobs available so you do not have to worry
overmuch about finding a job. If you are a good worker you can
easily get a job in any of these fields:

- Mobile Heavy Equipment Operator
- Heavy Equipment Mechanic
- Railcar Repairers
- Construction Equipment Operators

You may also find jobs with the city, county, state and even
federal governments, the mining industry, construction and many
other industries. You could even get a job with the big machinery
rent/buy companies.

Besides obtaining certification through a heavy equipment
operator's school, a person may also become an apprentice.
You will need to find someone in the construction or excavating
business to hire and train you to operate their equipment.

Usually an apprentice does not make as good money as an
operator, but the experience gained is of more value than
the money. Once you become trained and gain some experience
under your belt, then you may go looking for a good job
running heavy equipment, or even start your own business.

Average starting salaries for heavy equipment operators are
anywhere between twelve and eighteen dollars per hour. But once
you start and if you demonstrate that you are a committed worker
you will get pay raises that will significantly increase your pay
by hour. People and companies are always building, so there will
probably never be a shortage of jobs for heavy machinery

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