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History of Cement and Cement Mixers

Cement mixers are a way of carrying and mixing cement while you
are working to repair a foundation, sidewalk, or building a
mold. Cement is mostly known to be made out of asphalt, which
stands for secure in the ancient Greek language.

Cement is a mixture of several different types of materials.
This includes sand, limestone and asphalt. Asphalt and cement
were found to be used beginning in 625 BC in Babylon as well as
in Greece. The idea of this secure foundation was lost for
centuries, and began to be experimented with beginning in the
1500ís. After much exploration, Europeanís found that this type
of material was being used in Venezuela. They took the idea and
began to use cement for re-caulking ships.

Road building using cement became popular in America in the
middle of the 1800ís. This was part of the revolution that
began with the industrial age. Cement was first taken from
natural resources, such as the lakes that were in Trinidad.
However, by the beginning of the 1900ís, the mixture for roads
and pavement began to be a mixture of several different types
of rocks.

Cement mixers first became popular in the 1920ís, when
automobiles started to become popular. Mixers were first seen
as trays that were heated over coal fires. Aggregate was dried
in this tray, than asphalt would be poured on top of it. This
mix was then stirred by hand. Drums were soon after invented to
be used, and soon wheels were added in order to make it easier
for the building of roadways and sidewalks. These were known as
floating screeds and were popular until the 1960s.

By the 1970s, these types of construction were becoming a
concern with the environment. This caused even better
technology to be produced in relation to cement mixers. The
mixtures that are being used now have an increased improvement
with mixture, allowing for less noise, skid resistance, and
weather resistance.

Because of the ability to use the cement mixer in relation to
the types of roads and sidewalks that are being built, it is
allowing for greater roadways and sidewalks. It has also caused
the major modes of transportation to be supported by this type
of rock. More than ninety-four percent of the ground that is
used for transportation is made out of cement. The cement mixer
plays an important role in making sure that this secure surface
is made.

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