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Foot Protection

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Shoes and Boots

Shoes and Boots for Mechanics
By: The Working Man

Mechanics need special footwear as part of their uniforms. There
are hazards in a mechanic's garage or when working on a machine
that can cause serious injury or even death to a mechanic if
proper protection of the feet and the dangers of slipping are not
taken into account.

Certain standards should be maintained on a job site to protect
yourself. You need PPE or Personal Protection Equipment that will
protect you from the hazards that can occur in your particular
job. Proper footwear is just one of the safety standards that you
should take into account for your own well-being.

In some cases OSHA or ANSI (United States job safety regulatory
agencies) standards are applied to certain jobs or job sites. You
should already be aware if these standards are in effect at your
job. If you do not know, you should ask your manager and they
will be able to tell you what you need to know about PPE on your
job site.

A mechanic needs footwear that will protect his feet from falling
debris or dropped tools and parts and from falling due to oil
spillage or water leaks on the floor. So, steel-toed shoes or
boots and rubber soles are a must for mechanics.

Here are some companies that manufacture boots and shoes that fit
these criteria:

- Carhartt
- Converse
- Dickies
- John Deere
- Dr. Martens
- Michelin
- Terra
- Work One
- Wolverine
- Rock Outdoor Gear
- Nautilus Safety Footwear
- Thorogood Shoes
- LaCrosse
- Mechanix Wear
- Florsheim
- Georgia Boot
- Danner
- Chippewa
- Timberland

Keep in mind that when you select your shoes your protection
should be the first thing you think of, followed by size, brand,
style, type and color. Don't worry; narrowing by the different
categories will still leave you with quite a bit of choice of

Remember that it is up to you to protect your feet and buying a
better quality shoe can not only save your wallet in the long run
but your feet, knees and back from pain. So don't be afraid to
spend a little more for a better quality shoe. A good quality
shoe will provide you the protection you need and fit right out
of the box with no breaking-in needed.

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