The Different Types of Work Wear Jackets

Work Jackets

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Work Wear Jackets
By: The Working Man

Most companies that sell work wear offer as a part of their
inventory the working person's jacket. One thing seems to be
consistent throughout the history of work wear jackets as
compared to casual jackets, and that is a thicker, tougher and
more resistant fabric. But work wear jackets have evolved with
the times and with newer discoveries in fabric and technologies
the work wear jacket of today is a real workhorse.

Work jackets come in many more different weights, styles,
fabrics, and types as well. These jackets are built tough. Most
are sewn from one of several heavy weight fabrics that are
resistant to tearing and staining, and have added strengthening
features such as triple sewn seams and roomy shoulders to
facilitate movement.

You can find work wear jackets sewn from heavy weight denim,
duck, canvas and many new technical fabrics. These jackets can
usually be worn for many years without having to be replaced,
especially if you do light labor. They often become a familiar
old friend to the working man.

Some companies and styles offer extra gussets and more pockets
than other companies. The extra gussets offer a broader ease of
movement. The pockets of course are made deep and wide for extra

Some styles offer filling or lining to keep you warm in the
winter. This filling can be polyfil, Thermolite or even flannel.
Some fabric linings are made with Gortex, which is a fabric that
insulates yet, is still breathable. Whichever you choose, these
will all keep you warm and toasty on those cold winter days.

Some work jackets come with hoods, others do not. Some hoods are
detachable. Hoods of course offer protection against the rain and
cold. They all come in a range of colors, though mostly earth
tones. In most cases earth tones will hide stains better than
brighter, whiter colors.

Some companies that offer work wear jackets are Carhart, Dickies,
5.11, CornerStone, Helly Hansen, Nike, Filson, Ozark Mountain,
Ping, Port Authority, Red Kap, etc. All of these companies have a
reputation for good quality, long-lasting work wear.

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