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Work Wear Hats
By: The Working Man

The work wear hat was designed originally to protect a worker's
head and eyes. An ordinary hat will protect your head from minor
bumps and scrapes. If it is a cap it will also shade your eyes
from the sun. But the work wear hat most commonly used on job
sites is the construction hard hat that will also protect against
major bumps to the head or items dropped from above.

When you select a hat to wear on the job site it is important
that you know what types of hats are recommended and allowed on
that site. Some job sites are more formal and frown upon the
common "baseball" cap, some have no requirements about headgear,
and some require a hard hat.

In some cases you may be required to wear a hard hat that is
considered to be PPE or personal protection equipment. Check with
your job site manager to be sure what types of head protection
you can wear while on the job.

But most jobs that are outdoors and do not require you to work
with customers will allow you to wear caps. There are thousands
of different styles and colors of hats and caps, and it is
important if selecting a cap that you also consider your
coworkers' feelings. You should choose a cap that has no logo or
decoration, remember that on the job you are representing your
employer to everyone who sees you.

Another important thing to consider is the style of cap that you
want to wear. There are caps with straight bills and curved
bills, caps with Velcro closures at the back, or elastic or snap
closures. Some have a rivet on the top and some do not. The rivet
on the top actually provides you with a little more protection
than a cap that does not have one.

Color choice is often left up to you. In some cases it may be
advisable to get a cap or hat that is high visibility, especially
if you work on a construction road crew. There are caps for high
visibility that come in neon orange, neon green and neon blue
with silver reflective tape. They will all help you be seen by
others and so increase your safety in that way as well as
protecting your head and face.

You may also purchase winter weight hats that have a waterproof
outer fabric and then a thick insulating fabric on the inside.
They often can cover your ears with flaps and sometimes have more
flaps for your forehead and the back of your head and neck. These
will protect you from cold where frostbite or hypothermia may be
a concern.

Here are some standard styles that you may come across when
selecting a work hat: Ball Caps, Beanies, Brimmed (Cowboy) Hats,
Tactical Hats, Hard Hats, Head Wraps, Headbands, High Viz Hats,
Welding Caps, Winter Hats, and more.

If your job requires that you wear a hard hat you may also want
to layer the hard hat with another hat or headband underneath for
more comfort. Whether you go to purchase a hard hat or to choose
one supplied by your employer, be sure to try them on with the
hat or headband you intend to wear under the hard hat for the
best fit.

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