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Land Clearing Attachments for the Skid Steer Loader
By: Dave Cole

Skid steer loaders are versatile and flexible machines that can
be used for many, many purposes, but the purpose that is probably
most often thought of when the skid steer loader is mentioned, at
least here in the Midwestern United States, is that of land

Brush removal and land clearing is an ongoing chore for any
landowner, and the skid loader is both powerful and able to
maneuver in small spaces such as woodlots and fencerows. It also
works with a myriad of specialized attachments that can cut
brush, remove fencerows, clear out trees and stumps, dig out
drainage ditches, fill in low spots, scrape the ground clean of
growth if need be, and more.

A skid loader can be alternately a dozer, snowplow, grapple, tree
spade, tiller, backhoe, trencher, and much more.

Here is a list of attachments for the Skid Steer Loader that are
often used in Land Clearing:

- Brush Cutters
- Buckets
- Forks
- Log Grapple
- Mulcher
- Rock Saw
- Rotary Cutter
- Skidder Hoe
- Tooth Bar
- Tracks
- Tree Shears
- Trenchers
- Universal Mounting Plate

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