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Shock & Impact Resistant Shoe Inserts
By: The Working Man

Working men and women often complain of pain in their feet, knees
and back. Such problems can lead to missed work and even
disability. The primary causes of foot, knee and back pain in the
workplace are the stress of hard flooring, constant standing, and
repetitive carrying of heavy objects.

Improper stance or posture may also be a factor in foot and body
pain. If you have "flat feet" or other foot problems, wearing an
orthotic shoe insert can help you to better spread your weight
and movement throughout your body, so relieving knee, back and
hip pain, as well as painful feet.

Wearing shock and impact resistant shoe inserts and insoles can
also help reduce the stress placed on the muscles and tendons on
the front and sides of your legs, helping you avoid conditions
like shin splints.

Many employers try to alleviate these problems for their workers
by providing cushioned work/fatigue mats in the areas where
workers stand most often. That may work well for factory line
workers or others who usually stand in one spot to work, but if
your occupation requires you to be mobile, mats won't work.

Because of this problem, a number of companies now offer
"orthotic" shoe inserts and insoles that provide a flexible
cushion between your feet and the floor or ground. Such shoe
inserts help to prevent both fatigue and stress injuries to your
feet, and also work to improve your posture and balance, which
can relieve stress and damage not only for your feet but your
ankles, legs, knees and back.

Orthotic shoe inserts and insoles are made from various types of
resilient plastics or are filled with a gel substance that
"gives" with the redistribution of your weight. Shock and impact
resistant insoles are available in every shoe size and you can
also purchase inserts that pad the heel of your foot only or that
provide better arch support than is built into your work shoes.

Inserts for specialized needs such as high or fallen arches or
missing or misshapen toes are also available, but some of the
more specialized types of inserts and insoles should be purchased
only on the advice of your doctor.

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