Safety Harnesses

& Belts for Miners


Safety Harnesses for Miners or the Miner's Belt
By: The Working Man

Miners' safety belts or harnesses are specially made to protect miners
from falls and carry essential tools and items to make the
miner's job easier. Miners are well aware of the danger of falls
on the job. Mines are often dank and slippery and one of the
number one ways that miners are injured on the job is by a fall.

Miner's belts are specially made to protect miners from hazards
in mines. The harness of the belt is made to have a rope threaded
through it so that the people behind you and in front of you, or
even himself, can help him by pulling the line taut should he
lose his balance. These belts are adjustable and comfortable so
that they do not require the wearer to sacrifice the flexibility
that a miner needs to do his job.

These belts/harnesses are lightweight and made with detachable
PVC coated straps that allow for secure hooking of vital
equipments to the belt. Some have metal clips instead, depending
upon the brand of belt you buy. Miner's harnesses are usually
high visibility with reflective material or tape for added
protection. These belts have braces for added support and help to
balance the equipment on the miner's body. Even distribution of
weight on a miner's belt is essential.

Miners' belts can be put to good use in other industries, but
they are primarily designed for the miner. These are not climbing
rig harnesses! These are to protect from falls, they are not
designed to support someone that is rappelling or dropping great
heights. They arrest falls and support equipment, but that is

Most belts are designed with a D-ring on the front in order to
arrest a fall. They also may have:

* A pelvic strap * Some kind of web pockets for holding small
items * Adjustable waist, leg, shoulder and chest straps * Side D
rings for threading a rope line when in a group * Tool loops and
an integral dorsal extension * Pole restraint side attachment *
Work positioning seat and a wide padded strap for the lower back

You can buy miners belts from several companies and most are
designed to meet U.S. ANSI -OSHA standards. Some stores that
carry these belts include GSS-Store, MSA North America, Safety
Forces, North Safety, and there are generic sites like eBay and
Amazon at which you may find new or used miners harness/belts.

Remember that safety and preparedness are the best preventative
from injury and death and if you are a miner, taking extra
precautions can save your life. These belts and harnesses can
help you protect yourself and others around you should an
accident happen. Be safe.

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