Safety Flashlights

for Miners


Miner's require excellent Safety Lights & Flashlights
By: The Working Man

Light is one of the miner's best friends underground and is
required for safety and to prevent injury and death. It is also
required so that a miner can see what he is mining. Adequate
light is also necessary to provide a fast way for miners to be
able to get above ground if an emergency occurs.

The first light system for miners was the candle and lantern.
Miners would affix candles to their helmets for light and
eventually mini-lanterns were invented to affix to the miner's
helmet. Lanterns would also be strung from one mine brace to the
next. This was a fire danger, but the need for light was

If miners hit a pocket of methane or other gas the candles or
lamps could and did ignite the gases and create an explosion that
often resulted in many deaths. Nowadays the flashlight and
headlamp provide a safer alternative to open flame and will not
ignite gas pockets. Also now air shafts are constantly drilled to
the surface for ventilating the mines of dangerous gases and
carbon monoxide.

Flashlights that are designed to withstand the rigors of being
underground are essential tools for the miner. They provide light
when there is none to be had. Mine safety flashlights have been
designed for the environment and standards required for the
miner. In most cases a miner needs a flashlight as a backup in
case some part of the job needs more light than the headlamp on
his safety helmet provides, or in case the headlamp goes out.

Flashlights for miners are especially made to be impact
resistant, waterproof and dustproof. They provide long continuous
hours of light and most have LED bulbs for longer lighting with
less battery usage. The flashlights are usually brightly colored
to make them better able to see in low light. Most also offer a
carabiner clip or catch so that they can be directly clipped to
the miner's belt or harness.

The lens of the Miner's Flashlight is safety rated to reduce
breakage. A well-equipped miner will carry extra batteries for
his headlamp and flashlight. In some cases miners will develop a
system of communication like Morse code using the flashlight, in
case the walkie talkies go out.

Two of the most popular manufacturers of flashlights for miners
are Energizer and Rayovac.

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