Pictures of

Older Caterpillar

D9 Bull Dozers


Pictures of the Caterpillar D9 Dozers

There are still many of rugged and extremely tough
older Caterpillar D9 dozers still out there working every
day making their company money as they push away
dirt and debris and basically whatever gets in their way.

Here's some pictures of older Cat D9's working on a well site
near Khedive Pa. These machines are currently building a pond
along with an experimental Cat D7E machine. The pond
will be 100 feet by 200 feet when completed and will hold
water for the fracking of a monster horizontal gas
well that is being drilled.

Southwestern Pa. is currently one of the hottest areas in
the United States for drilling gas wells. Everything from
methane coal bed wells, to regular gas wells, the the
huge Super Wells. Regular wells are drilled from 3,000
to 5,000 feet, while the Super Wells are drilled into
the Marcellus Shale which is anywhere from 10,000 feet
deep to 2 miles.

These Caterpillar D9 dozers earn their keep as they work
almost daily building the pads for the wells and then
reclaming the well sites after fracking the wells is

One of these older Cat D9's is operated at times by the
Working Man's webmasters son, Karl Cole. Karl has ran
dozers and excavators and rock trucks on many of the
well sites in this area for the past 2 years and is
considered a very good operator. Karl also was given
the privilege of running Cat's experimental D7e machine.
This is the only experimental D7 in the state of Pa.

Pictures of Caterpillar D9 Dozers

A picture of a Cat D9G in very good condition

These older Cat D9's weren't afraid to pollute the atmosphere as
they belched huge amounts of black smoke into the air every time
the throttle was opened wide.

Picture of a Cat D9 doing what it was born to do - Push Dirt!

Picture Caterpillar D7E Experimental Dozer (June 2009)
(Note: this experimental D7 will push dirt blade to blade
with the D9's shown above)

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