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Talking about Respirators for keeping your lungs safe from Mold
By: The Working Man

There has been an epidemic of killer black mold that has infested
buildings especially in areas where there has been flooding or
very humid weather. Older buildings are more susceptible to
generating mold on walls, floors and roofs. A major industry has
developed around the removal of such mold so that people can
again safely live and work in these buildings.

In order to safely remove mold from a building you have to have
the right type of equipment to protect you from inhaling mold
spores which can cause respiratory disease. The size of the area
you will need to treat will determine how much PPE or personal
protection equipment
you will need to safely complete the task.

If the mold is only on the top surfaces you may be able to get
away with using a cloth, rubber gloves, a small respirator and
mold killing agent. If the mold infection goes deeper than the
surface you will need safety goggles, a respirator, a full body
suit, cleaning cloths, mold killing agent and whatever tools are
needed to demolish the area and treat it properly.

Mold is nothing to be taken lightly, especially black mold. Some
people are so allergic to black mold spores that their health is
permanently damaged with exposure. While working you should use
at least an N-95 respirator that you can find in most hardware
stores. A HEPA filter should be running in the infected work area
to clean the air of mold spores and you should not walk into this
area without some form of nose and mouth protection for your own

If mold is in a house the house should be evacuated until
treatment and or removal of the infected area is complete and a
HEPA filter has been running in the area for at least a week to
be sure that all spores have been collected. At that time and
before the residents return, the house or building can be
inspected for any further mold infestations.

Take all necessary precautions and be sure that the building is
thoroughly inspected for mold and mold infestations before it is
released from treatment. If there is one area infected there may
be more infected areas in the building, often in places that
aren't visible without removing wall boarding or the like. If the
house has had flooding or flood damage you should treat all areas
that the water has damaged to prevent mold.

In the United States OSHA guidelines must also be followed
explicitly if you need to use respirators in a commercial
setting. Respirators must be approved for usage by NIOSH or
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

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