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Mechanix Wear Gloves for home and professional mechanics
By: The Working Man

Mechanix Wear became a leader in high performance gloves. The
original gloves were developed for the pit crews who work on high
performance race cars; they were then tested in the Daytona 500
in 1992. Since then Mechanix Wear gloves can be found on every
circuit as well as in many homes.

The gloves were first manufactured in 1991 and since then they
have revolutionized the industry of work gloves. Mechanix Wear
has also developed whole new lines to benefit not only the
automobile worker but also for emergency services, military
professionals, industrial workers, construction workers and do-

Every Mechanix Glove is specially designed for its intended job.
When developing a glove, the makers take into consideration the
quality, style, function, value, durability, feel and fit that
the intended wearer will need. These gloves have truly become an
icon among professional mechanics. And even other professionals
have come to recognize the Mechanix Wear gloves and their value.

The gloves are also manufactured to provide the most durability
under the specific job standards. The original Mechanix Wear
glove is made with a Clarino OW-927 synthetic leather palm,
middle, index and ring fingertips. They are water-repellant and
oil preserving to extend the life of the glove.

The thermal plastic rubber that is used is low-profile and there
is a hook and loop closure at the top of the glove and two-way
stretch spandex in the glove body for a close comfortable fit.
The stitching is hidden on the inside of the glove and there are
panels of Lycra for mobility and freedom of movement. These
gloves come in multiple colors and have the logo printed right on

Another important thing about these gloves is that they are not
only made for men they are also made and tailored for women. Here
is a list of all the types of Mechanix Gloves available:

Original Glove
M-Pact® Glove
M-Pact® 2 Glove
FastFit® Glove

M-Pact® Fingerless Glove
Original Plus
Original 0.5
Glove Light

Original Grip
Original Vent
Original Cold Weather
Original Women's

Original Pink Camo
M-Pact® T/C Glove
M-Pact® T/M Glove
Happy Hour Glove

Fabricator Glove
Team Issue Original Carbon X®
Team Issue Carbon-X® Level 10
Cotton Glove

Heat Sleeves
Utility Glove
Women's Utility Glove
Padded Palm

Framer Glove
Impact Pro
Heavy Duty Glove
Kids Crew Glove

CG Utility Glove
CG Padded Palm Glove
CG Framer Glove
CG Impact Pro Glove

CG Super Duty Glove
Climate Control Zone 2 Glove
Climate Control Zone 3 Glove
Impact Pro Glove

Padded Palm Glove
Utility Glove
MRT Original Glove
MRT M-Pact® Glove

All of these gloves are tested and are exceptionally designed and
manufactured to fit and perform in their specific job sector. We
have read many good reviews of this product from satisfied

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