Larry Case

Mr. Tamper

Fixer Upper Man


Larry The Tamper Guy

Larry Case has chosen to make a career of going where
few men dare to go and in a career where too few good men
are to be found. In fact there are only a relative handful
of good men who really know what they are doing when
it comes to fixing the forever cantankerous machine
called a tamper.

Larry works as a tamper repair and service man for
Kanza, a company that rebuilds tampers. His main goal in
life is to provide tamper operators with Deeper Penetrations
and More Insertions.....

Larry is thinking of opening up a new business when he retires:
Larry Case's 24/7 Tamper Repair Service; You Break'em - We Fix'em!

Larry in one of his "Favorite" positions as he works diligently
to install a new lining cylinder on a jack beam. Larry just loves
to crawl under a tamper, it's his calling in life......

There's only one thing Larry loves more, hydraulic oil all over him!
They say if he ever needs a blood transfusion it will be easy,
just bring out a 5 gallon can of hydraulic oil and dump it in.

Here's some of Larry the Tamper Guy's favorite sayings,
or as some call them.....Larry Case-isms......

His Kansas Railroad Warranty: "Good until my tail lights are
out of site."

His Oklahoma Railroad Warranty: "If it breaks into two pieces,
you get to keep both pieces."

His Pennsylvania Railroad Warranty: "If it goes up and down
twice, it's fixed and I'm outta here."

His New Mexico Railroad Warranty: "I'll stay with you until
I get bit by a rattlesnake, then you're on you're own."

When talking about his beloved tampers.....
his true passion and eloquence shines through as he fondly chants.....
"More Insertions
Deeper Penetration"

"If it's on a tamper and it ain't broke yet, it will break soon."

"If the railroads say they are cutting back on overtime,
that usually means more overtime."

"All I have to do is get in my truck and start it, it just drives
itself to Nebraska."

"I fixed it Harry, I'll get it Harry..... Hey Harry, I'm fixing it."

Larry's vain attempt to fool the boss that he's actually doing something.....

Larry's favorite place to trouble shoot from: Bob Evans
(He's telling his service man to leave him alone so he can
get back inside and enjoy his bowl of beans)

More Fun in the Sun: trying to fix tamper brakes

Look Harry!  I Fixed It......

Now, after lunch at Bob Evans and a Hard Days Work, Larry
is ready to enjoy one of this favorite pastimes with the
rest of the dogs from the rail road......

Editor's Note: Larry is not only one of the hardest working
men we've ever met, but also he has a genuine and sincere
desire to help others, and he does that unselfishly. He is
always there to freely give of his knowledge. If every working
man had his fortitude and dedication to his job America would
be number one in every industry in the world. The work force
will lose a very valuable asset the day he retires.


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