The World's Largest Equipment

The Largest Bulldozer,

Scraper, Dump Truck,

and Grader


The Largest Equipment Ever Made in the World
By: The Working Man

The largest bulldozer ever made in the world is the
massive Komatsu D575 A-2 Super Dozer. The largest
bulldozer was first made in 1996, weighs over 300,000
pounds, and is powered by a 1,150 horsepower 12
cylinder diesel engine.

The largest bulldozer ever made in the United States
is the Caterpillar D11N.

The largest bulldozer blade ever made was 48 feet wide!
It was manufactured by Bladerson, Inc., in the early
1970's and required two Caterpillar dozers to push it.
This blade was called the Dubble Dude Blazer.

The largest scraper ever made was LeTourneau's LT-360
which was called the Electric Digger. It had 3 scrapers
joined together, was almost 200 feet long, each
scraper bowl could hold 120 tons of material. This
scraper had 8 engines with a combined 5,080 horsepower.

The largest single bowl scraper is made by Caterpillar,
the 657E. It has two engines with 950 horsepower.

The largest dump truck ever made is the Komatsu 930E
dump truck. This massive hauler is capable of putting 310
tons in it's bed. It's powered by a 16 cylinder 2,500
horsepower motor. The truck itself is 24 feet high, 50
feet long, 27 feet wide, and weighs 410,000 pounds empty.
The fuel tank holds 1,200 gallons of diesel fuel, the
engine crankcase holds 55 gallons of oil, the radiator
holds 195 gallons of water. On the Komatsu 930E each
of the 6 tires are 4 feet wide and over 10 foot tall.

The largest grader ever made is the Caterpillar 24H
which weighs in at 65 tons, powered by a 500 horsepower
engine and has a 24 foot moldboard, which is wide
enough to cover two highway lanes at a single pass.
The Caterpillar 24H weighs 138,000 pounds and has a
500 horsepower engine.

Caterpillar is the largest manufacturing company in the
world for heavy equipment.

The largest dragline ever made was named Big Muskie.
It was build by Bucyrus-Erie in 1966. Big Muskie is wider
than an 8 lane highway, taller than a 20 story building,
it's bucket can hold 220 cubic yards. Big Muskie worked
for the Central Ohio Coal company at it's Muskingum
mine from 1969 to 1991. Big Muskie weighed 27 million pounds,
making it the second heaviest mobile land machine
in the world, the Captain weighed in at about 1
million pounds more.

There was more earth moved to make the Panama Canal
than would fill a train of rail road cars stretched
around the world 4 times. They used over 61 million
pounds of dynamite alone in the Culebra Cut which was
more explosive power than the United States had used
in all their previous wars.

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