Gloves to Prevent

Electrical Shock


Gloves for Electricians
By: The Working Man

It is very important to wear the proper PPE or Personal
Protection Equipment when doing electrical work. One of the
essential PPE for electricians in particular is gloves that
prevent electrical shock. These gloves are made from natural
rubber or synthetics that are non-conductive and can prevent an
electrical charge from traveling through the body.

If you are likely to be exposed to more than 50 volts of
electricity you will need to wear gloves on the job in most
cases. Usually the electricity will be shut off when you are
doing electrical work but in some cases you may need to work with
the electricity on, and of course accidents can happen, and that
is where the physical danger to you is.

There are low-voltage electrical shock gloves and high-voltage
electrical shock gloves. So be careful as to which one you buy
and use. Most electrical work will require the high-voltage
electrical shock gloves.

If you are unsure as to which gloves you should be using you
should take into account what voltages you will be working with.
High Voltage Class 1 gloves can take up to 7,500 AC volts of
electricity without damaging you. The Class 1 gloves are usually
rubber with insulation. Every glove for electrical work has a
class rating and will tell you how many volts it can withstand
before the glove ceases to protect you.

Be sure that the gloves you buy meet the ASTM D120 Specifications
and are tested. These gloves should only be used by an
experienced electrician who has been taught safety standards and
has the full accompaniment of personal protective equipment along
with the gloves. Never ever work with live electricity are
certified to work with live electricity. Otherwise you may be on
a fast track to the "other side."

In order to determine your glove size, measure around the palm of
your hand and allow some room for any liners you intend to wear
with the gloves. Be sure to try the gloves on and flex your
fingers well to make sure that they are the proper fit before you
purchase them.

Once you have found gloves that are the proper rating for your
work and which allow you to work in relative comfort, be sure to
treat them like the necessary tools that they are. Even a tiny
tear or flaw in the gloves can compromise your safety. Store them
in a dark, dry place when not in use, keep sharp wires and
cutters from damaging them when you are working in them, and keep
them from any chemicals or fats that may break down the rubber or
latex. Test them periodically and replace them when needed.

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