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How To Find Good Woodworking Instructions
Greg K. Hansward

So youíve got grandeur plans for a woodworking project. Maybe
youíre thinking of adding a cabinet in your bathroom, or a new
bed-frame that will score you points with the wife, maybe even
give you a free pass for a Sunday off for football only. Well,
to be honest you wonít get far without some sort of woodworking
plans before you begin your project. Itís not simple to build a
bookshelf, but with a blue print or pattern youíll soon be
looking like a pro, which means your Sunday of freedom will
come to be.

One thing thatís great about the time that we live in is how
available information is with the Internet, and woodworking
plans are no exception. The best plans will tell you exactly
what materials youíll need, both the type and the quantity, as
well as will give you an approximation of how long the project
should take.

It will also let you know if youíre taking on too much at this
point in your skill set. Unfortunately, even though it looks
great, you just might not be ready for a fancy curvy cabinet
with many details, but hey, everyoneís got to start somewhere,
even if it is a birdhouse. You may actually find that you enjoy
making birdhouses.

Itís important to know when making your plans what hardware and
accessories youíll need. A good plan will let you know for
example what hinges or knobs youíll need for your cabinet, how
many of each, etc. It will give you a run down of the best
materials to use, as well as where you can get them.

Next youíll want a list of tools, this way you can be sure to
have everything you need available before you get started.
Nothing is worse than to lose the momentum on a job because you
have to run out for a new tool that you need. Worse yet, not
even knowing which tool that you need is enough to make most
people give up all together.

Another great part about using a woodworking pattern is that
all of your measurements right there. For instance when youíre
making the captainís bed with bottom storage drawers, you wonít
need to calculate or worse Ė guess, the width the drawers need
to be in so that they fit three across. The tedious calculating
has been done for you. Better yet, the plans author has most
likely done this project many times, so they know from

Itís usually pretty easy to understand the plans that you get.
If itís not, then just donít use those plans plain and simple.
Most will account for language barriers, using different
languages, as well as good illustrations or pictures that the
building can refer to.

You wonít need a masterís degree in gluing and hammering to
comprehend how these instructions work. If youíve ever put one
of those ďsome assembly requiredĒ toys together, then youíll be
pleasantly surprised that following woodworking plans is in fact

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