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By: The Working Man

Dri Duck Traders is a company that was founded in 1995 from the
parent company called Dri. It was created in response to a need
for watertight yet breathable clothing for the outdoorsman and
active worker. The company name was inspired by the proverbial
"Ducks Back." They wanted their products to be known as water
tight and tough.

Dri Duck uses their own fabric and triple stitches the seams for
a water tight seal. They design their apparel with the idea that
it is to be durable and comfortable and their outdoorsman
clothing has become known for being adaptable and strong

Dri Duck is always researching new technical fabrics to add into
their product line to make their clothing better. At this point
they offer jackets for men, women and children, and caps. These
jackets have been shown to last for long periods of time and can
stand up to a lot of damage. They also offer shirts and fleeces.

This work wear is a technical achievement as well as good, sound,
quality outdoor working man gear. All of the products made by Dri
Duck are made with the working man in mind and use the new
technical achievements in fabric today either through import or

Not only do they try to use the latest inventions in fabrics but
they also make sure to use at least three stitching of heavy duty
thread along the seams of all their products so that they are
sturdy and will not unravel if snagged once.

Their clothing is sewn together and then the waterproof clothing
is spread with a special layer of finishing to waterproof the
material further. This clothing is resistant to weather, snagging
and is designed to fit comfortably without sacrificing any of the
toughness of the clothing itself.

Dri Duck stays on the edge of any technical achievements with
fabric to stay ahead of the competition and remain the most
advanced in work wear with technical fabric.

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