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By: The Working Man

The DeWalt Company offers exceptional gear for the working
professional. The accessories they sell include eye protection,
hand protection, ear protection, head protection and foot
protection. These have been made to protect you from damage to
sensitive areas. These products are commonly considered to be
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

The DeWalt Company's eye protection products are said to be tough
and stylish at once, providing unbreakable glasses and superior
comfort and design. DeWalt offer different tints, styles, sizes,
range, curve, prescription, anti-mist, fire mirror lens, anti
smoke and goggles. Every single pair of glasses is rugged and

The ear protection from DeWalt has two different styles: muffs
and ear plugs. They come in the signature DeWalt colors of gold
and black and have a number of different options. Both styles are
designed to conform to the working professional and their needs
for hearing protection.

The DeWalt hand protection also comes in the signature colors and
protects against a wide range of hand hazards from vibration to
impact. There are many different styles designed for different
situations and all are made from either heavy duty synthetic
material or leather.

The foot protection from Dewalt comes in three different type of
protection: steel toe, soft toe and composite toe. They are made
from leather or synthetic material and are rugged and tough. Most
of the soles are rubber. The footwear is under warranty so if
they don't perform you can return them or get a new pair free.

There are two different types of hard hat styles that DeWalt
offers right now. They have lightweight polyethylene, CoolMax
brow bands, Universal Accessory Slots and Ratchet Nylon
Suspension. They meet ANSI standards and are made to be
adjustable for a good fit. They come in white or yellow.

The DeWalt Company is known for its high performance protective
gear that is affordable to the every day working professional
ever since 1922. The DeWalt label has stood for excellence and
performance for a very long time. This innovative company stands
head and shoulder above other companies for its inventions and

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