The Deere 724K Loader

The 724K Loader

High Lift by

John Deere


The John Deere 724K Loader - a Gem of a Machine to Operate

Weighing in at a hefty 42,746 pounds the John Deere 724K
Loader despite it's weight is like operating a Cadillac
when it comes to loading material.

Operator comfort is a Deere tradition and this machine is
certainly true to Deere's years of effort towards making
machinery that is easy to run and easy on the operator.

With an extremely comfortable seat with fold down arm rests
along with sound proof cab, the John Deere 724K high lift
will not wear a man out during those long days of loading
trucks or moving material.

Another great feature of the Deere 724K high lift is the
excellent visibility the operator has in front of him and
to the sides, much better than any Case machine. In fact
this machine when compared to a comparable Case is like
comparing a Volkswagen to a Cadillac.

To start the machine there is a key pad on the operator's
left hand side. Simply push the start key, then wait for
all the lights on the key pad to light up, then push again
and the machine starts even in very cold weather.

The parking brake and hydraulic cutoff along with wipers,
lights and other functions is controlled by the key pad
which is a very easy to understand feature. To stop the
machine, simply push the stop key.

Forward or reverse motion is controlled by a joy stick with
a toggle up or down. Up for forward, middle is neutral, and
down is reverse. The joy stick also controls the bucket up
and down and dump.

To the operator's left there is a small computer screen
which informs the operator of the gauges, travel speed,
what gear the 724K is in and other functions of the machine
depending upon the options purchased.

The John Deere 724k loading ballast into a rail car

The John Deere 724K Loader has 4 forward speeds and 3 reverse.
Forward in 1st is at 4.6 mph, 2nd at 7.6, 3rd at 14.7, and
4th at 22 mph. Reverse in 1st is 4.9 mph, 2nd at 8, 3rd at 15.5.
These speeds are with the standard 23.5 - 25 tires.

Height of the John Deere 724K Loader is 11 feet 1 inch,
wheelbase is 10 ft 8 inches, ground clearance is 16 inches,
and 28 ft 2 inches long. The bucket is a 2.75 yard bucket.
The 724K is a medium sized loader made by Deere. It is
manufactured at the John Deere Davenport Works in
Davenport, Iowa.

This Loader is powered by the John Deere Powertech 6090H
engine with 6 cylinders. 4 valves per cylinder, 548 cubic
inches, putting out 223 hp at 2200 rpm, it's net peak
power at 1800 rpm is 264 hp. The turbocharged engine has
a bore and stroke of 4.66 x 5.35 inch.

The cooling system holds 9 gallon, fuel tank 100 gallons,
engine crankcase 7.4 gallons, transmission 6 gallons, hydraulic
reservoir 29.1 gallons.

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