A Review of

Jackets for Workers

made by Carhartt


Carhartt Jackets will hold up for the working man
under the toughest of conditions

By: The Working Man

The Carhartt Jackets perform spectacularly well under tough
conditions. It is actually the Carhartt Jackets that garnered the
attention of the working public for their outstanding toughness
and durability under strenuous conditions.

The first Carhartt Jackets were made from Duck cotton twill with
lining. The company tried to make these jackets as tough as
possible by triple stitching seams and even having a waterproof
coating put on some of the jackets to make them less permeable to

Carhartt jackets are not only incredibly tough but they also
allow for the ease of movement which is essential for anyone who
needs to move fast to fix something gone wrong. Some of the
Carhartt jacket styles also have a pleated elbow for further ease
of movement.

All of the jackets feature deep pockets on the front, sides and
insides for carrying and keeping safe tools or extras needed on
the job. They also protect the wearer's hands from wind chapping
and cold.

Carhartt Jackets now come in a variety of colors and styles. They
also come in summer, winter or rainy season weights. Each one of
the jackets is made to the demands and needs for the specific

The winter coats have a very warm polyester lining and sometimes
a Thermolite lining that will keep you warm even in extreme cold.
The summer jackets provide breathability and retain the toughness
of the cold weather jacket. The rainy season jackets are made
from nylon and are designed to keep you dry even standing under a

Carhartt jackets are one of the very best jackets available to
the working men and women who need the extra toughness and
durability. I personally know an agricultural instructor who
works with animals, tools, and even blow torches and whose
Carhartt jacket is over fifteen years old and still keeps going
on strong.

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