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Rough Tough Steel

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Shoes and Boots for the Steel Working Man
By: The Working Man

Steel working requires special footwear on the job site. Steel
workers definitely must have steel-toed work shoes or boots.
This is because of the threat of falling debris or dropped tools. In some
cases though, you may want more protection than just a steel toe
in your shoe.

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is a consideration when you
are working on any jobsite that has major hazards. The right
footwear on a particular job site falls under that personal
protection category. In most cases in the United States OSHA and
ANSI set these standards.

If you want to know the particular ANSI or OSHA standard for your
jobsite you can ask your manager or lead and they can either tell
you or give you the information in a brochure or pamphlet. There
are specific threats on every jobsite that requires PPE that you
should be aware of and take precautions to protect yourself.

If you want to go above and beyond the required PPE with footwear
for your jobsite there are shoes and boots made to be very
protective, for instance footwear that is made with:

- Steel Shank in the sole (added stability)
- Steel plate in the sole (added puncture protection)
- Rubber sole (Protects against falls due to oil, water, chemicals, etc.)
- Rubber tip (Protects against falls)
- Waterproof (Protects against water)
- Gortex Lining (Protects against water)
- Leather (Breathes to prevent the foot from overheating)
- Extra padding (Provides extra comfort)
- Etc.

Keep in mind there are multiple styles, colors, sizes and brands
to choose from when it comes to shoes for steel workers. The most
important thing to consider first is your own personal
protection; then size, then brand, then style, and then color.
Remember you want your footwear to protect your feet under all

Steel worker's shoes should have a steel toe, provide lasting
comfort for long hours and provide wicking or moisture due to
often very hot work areas. In some cases you may want to get a
wicking sock as well as a shoe with a wicking liner and leather
upper. Often man made uppers do not allow the foot to breathe and
this creates a health risk to you and makes your shoe very
uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

Get a pair of shoes that are comfortable out of the box for you
and don't pay too much attention to price. The better quality
shoe the longer it will last you and you want good quality on
your job site to protect your feet and provide you with comfort.
An uncomfortable shoe does more than hurt your feet, it hurts
your knees and back and that can degrade your entire body over

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