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Why the Right Shoes & Boots are a Requirement for Rig Workers
By: The Working Man

Rig workers have a very dangerous job that requires a certain
standard of footwear. In the United States this footwear must
meat OSHA and ANSI standards. This is to protect the worker from life-
threatening hazards on the job. This PPE or personal protection
is necessary not just to protect his feet but his life.

Rig workers are under constant danger of falling and are being
exposed to elements like oil and water repeatedly. Their feet
also need protection from falling debris. They need steel-toed
shoes with thick rubber soles and the shoes must be waterproof.
Good shoe fit and foot support are a must.

Rig workers work on oil rigs and it is a messy, dirty and
hazardous job. Getting good protection for the feet saves them
from falling and helps keep them able to continue working for the
very long hours that they must work, without damaging their feet,
knees or back.

If you are an oil rig worker you know that spending a little
extra on shoes to get the right protection and quality to last is
essential. The criteria in selecting a shoe for this type of job
is first protection, then size, then comfort, then brand, type,
style and color.

Here are some companies that make the type of shoes that an oil
rigger needs to wear for his work:

- Carhartt
- Converse
- Dickies
- John Deere
- Dr. Martens
- Michelin
- Terra
- Work One
- Wolverine
- Rock Outdoor Gear
- Nautilus Safety Footwear
- Thorogood Shoes
- LaCrosse
- Mechanix Wear
- Florsheim
- Georgia Boot
- Danner
- Chippewa
- Timberland
- and more to come

It is important to note that a good pair of shoes will fit you
right out of the box with no breaking-in period needed. And they
should also be able to be worn without developing of blisters
after wearing them for long periods. They need to support your
feet properly so that your knees and back will not be strained by
the walking necessary in a long day's work.

Degeneration of the back and knees from improper foot support in
shoes is a big problem for workers who have to work for long
periods under stressful conditions. An improper pair of shoes can
cause you to over-compensate when taking certain actions and can
lead to damage to your back. Choose the right pair of shoes for
you even if they cost a little more - your health depends on it.

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