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Shoes and Boots for Electricians - Electrical Hazard Footwear
By: The Working Man

Electricians or those who work around electricity need to have
the proper protection on their feet or else they can get a nasty
shock or worse. An electric shock interrupts your nervous system
and can cause heart failure or heart attack. Having the proper
foot gear can prevent an accidental contact with electricity from
grounding through your body and causing you damage.

Anyone who works with or around electrical wires, live circuits
or charged electrical equipment had better have the proper
footwear. The protection of electrical hazard boots isn't as good
if they are wet or if they become worn down. You should replace
your electrical hazard boots when they show signs of wear.

DO NOT wear these shoes in areas where there are micro-circuit
hazards or static discharge, you need different footwear for
those places.

Here are some companies that make shoes and boots for
electricians and other electrical workers:

- Converse
- Dickies
- John Deere
- Dr. Martens
- Michelin
- Terra
- Work One
- Wolverine
- Rock Outdoor Gear
- Nautilus Safety Footwear
- Thorogood Shoes
- LaCrosse
- Mechanix Wear
- Florsheim
- Georgia Boot
- Danner
- Chippewa

These companies provide safety footwear for electrical workers in
a multitude of sizes, styles and colors. You can buy shoes and
boots with or without some safety features. In the United States,
Electrical Hazard Footwear must meet ASTM Electrical Hazard
Standard F2413-05. They should be puncture resistant and
waterproof. The outsole should be oil, heat, abrasion, slip, and
water resistant. And preferable the footwear should be made of
leather so that the foot can breathe. The footwear should also
meet OSHA and ANSI standards for workplace safety if that is

Electrical hazard boots are very important. It is about being
safe and alive. Always take care to select the right PPE Personal
Protection Equipment for your particular job.

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