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Aramark Rental Uniforms: making their place in Industry
By: The Working Man

Aramark Uniform Services deal mainly with companies that are
renting or leasing their uniforms. In most cases uniforms are
kept on the job site. Then when they become soiled they are put
into a hamper or storage case. The Aramark Company then comes and
picks them up on a regular schedule for cleaning, delivering
clean uniforms at the same time.

This is a valuable service in the food industry or any place that
requires heavy duty cleaning of uniforms. It provides peace of
mind for the company that uses the service because they can rely
on Aramark to clean the uniforms properly and with care, rather
than having to leave it to their employees.

This is a service with a cost, but if you are supposed to provide
an image of cleanliness and sanitation it can be a cost effective
solution. Especially since the company offers leasing and renting
options for the uniforms. In the case of rentals the uniforms,
when they become too damaged, are replaced and all garments are
specially cared for by the company.

The Aramark process not only cleans the garments but sanitizes
them. In food service or preparation or many other industries, it
is important to make sure that soiled clothing is properly
cleaned and managed so it doesn't spread germs or transfer
dangerous chemicals.

Another advantage of a service like Aramark provides is that the
appearance of company employees becomes uniform and branded, and
according to Aramark this promoted teamwork, solidifies image and
motivates employees. It is also convenient for both the employee
and the employer when they are renting the service and uniforms
because all cleaning and care is done by the Aramark Company.

Companies can customize the uniforms, but again this is more for
the workplace in general and not for the individual person.
Aramark is a large company that services large companies that
need a lot of uniforms. It reduces theft of clothing and protects
the company in general from liability should contamination occur.

Many companies use Aramark's program and Aramark's business
continues to grow. This company is highly regarded by its

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